The Different Kinds of Law We Practice

Business/Corporate Law

Corporate and Business Law Counsel at our law office provide small and mid-sized businesses with comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective legal advice and representation.

We have years of experience with business transactions, corporate law and civil litigation. Our knowledge of the legal problems that businesses of all sizes face can help you manage risk, avoid liability and compete effectively in your flaw attorneys
At our law office we can help with access to capital markets, regulatory compliance, and keeping your organizational structure current with the changing needs of your shareholders, customers, and management.

We also use our extensive knowledge of business and corporate practices to help less experienced business people understand their options for taking full advantage of market opportunities. Whether your situation calls for the licensing of intellectual property, the amendment of your operating agreement, the drafting of a sales contract, or the development of a franchise, we can advise you of the risks and opportunities.

Whether you are interested in a startup business, need help with personnel policies, or just need documents reviewed prior to a real estate transaction, We can help.

Real Estate Transactions

If you need assistance with a real estate transaction or dispute, you are going to want a lawyer who understands both real estate law and the real estate industry — someone with the experience and insight to help you protect your investment and pursue a positive outcome. Our law office provides real estate services to clients – purchase and sale transactions, Commercial development issues and Real estate litigation.

Civil Litigation/Personal Injury

Our law office provides legal services and representation on all matters of civil litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. The term “civil litigation” encompasses a broad range of matters but essentially relates to any litigation where a party seeks money damages from another or a specific order from the court compelling the adverse party to take some action or to refrain from taking some action. To file a suit, the plaintiff must have a “cause of action” or a legal basis for his or her actions. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

construction defects

Domestic Relations

Our law office provides legal services and representation on all matters for the following:

Visitation, and
Domestic Violence

We will evaluate every shred of evidence in your case and fight tirelessly to minimize the negative consequences.
Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, Custody Parenting Time, Restraining Orders and Complex Asset Divorce

Given the consequences of a family law case, you not only need an experienced law attorney on your side, but you need an experienced litigator. We know family law and know the courtroom. We know what judges and other courts do in a case like yours, because we’ve tried many cases. Consequently, we know the likely outcomes of your situation if your family law case goes to trial.

We will not hesitate to give you the straight truth about what a court would likely do in a case like yours. We do not advise you to take your case to trial just for the sake of additional attorney fees. We advise you of what we think the possible trial outcomes are and the estimated likelihood of each possible outcome. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take your case to trial.

Trials are best not left to prepare for at the last minute. Cases are best left to attorneys who are experts and trial experts.

When hiring a lawyer you need to feel confident that your lawyer is looking out for your interests and your interests alone. You need to know that attorney fees won’t be run up haphazardly. You need to know that the advice you are getting is based on what actually goes on in law courtrooms. Our approach to handling cases allows you to make informed decisions based on the collective wisdom of our trial lawyers.

Corporate Law & Business Transactions

Corporate Law

Smith Gardner Slusky has been representing business and corporate clients for decades. In fact, Smith Gardner not only represents hundreds of local business but also has a regional and national presence in representing businesses throughout the Midwest and Nation. We pride ourselves on not only providing our clients with smart legal advise but also working with them towards their business’s goals.

If you are a bank, business or corporation, we can help. We provide excellent counsel and service in the following areas:

  • Corporate/business formation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Bank lending and finance
  • Business transactions
  • Public corporations and finance
  • Trademark and copyright
  • Succession planning
  • Employment matters
  • Real estate matters
  • Creditor rights and collections
  • Business planning
  • Business litigation
  • Immigration/Visa/foreign worker issues

The current economy demands that businesses do everything in their power to remain profitable and avoid the pitfalls of a recession. The competition is tough and the opportunities may be diminished, however, with a good legal team assisting you in your ventures, your company can prosper.

Mediations & Dispute Resolutions

Mediations & Dispute Resolutions

Mediation Team

We Are dedicated an entire wing and team of experienced law experts to mediation services. The Attorneys mediation center is committed to finding solutions to disputes that avoid expensive and stressful litigation.

Mutual Resolution

Mediation empowers both parties to create their own resolution. It is a lower cost legal procedure in which a neutral third party intervenes in a conflict. Attorneys provides mediation services that can solve your dispute without the burden of going to court and all of its associated costs. A certified mediator will guide conflicting parties in a negotiation providing professional advice and moderation while allowing both parties to ultimately reach their own mutual resolution and legally sound agreement.

Mediation Services

The experience and expertise of the Attorneys mediation team can provide an effective solution for many conflicts and relationships in the areas of:

  • Commercial business
  • Banking
  • Employment
  • Partnerships
  • Estate Planning and Probate